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Marlene's Special Effx Saddles by Reinsman




Marlene McRae Special Effx saddles are made by hand in Texas.  The seat material and tooling options will allow you to create a personalized saddle reflecting your unique taste... all on the same great fitting Special Effx tree design we have used for years. 


"If quality means as much to you as it means to me, I know you will be very pleased" states Marlene

All of Marlene's Saddles have the original Marlene's Special Effx Saddle Tree that form fits to each of your horses backs and continues to conform as your horse moves and performs making this the best fitting saddle available, while offering an almost unlimited number of custom saddle choices for the rider.

All Marlene's Special Effx Saddles come complete with a full back girth assembly. A back cinch is very important in keeping any and all saddles from bouncing on your horse's loin area as he/she works. Marlene will not compromise this important feature in her saddles.

NOTE: We only build Marlene's Special Effx Saddles with the original Marlene's Special Effx Saddle Trees. Consistency and quality are our number one goals so whether you purchase the least expensive or the most expensive, you are guaranteed by Marlene personally you and your horses will have the same excellent fit that Marlene demands in each and every saddle that she rides and puts her name on!

Marlene's Special Effx Saddle System replaces the traditional rigid, solid wood saddle tree with her own custom made Special Effx Saddle Tree that form fits to each horse's back, greatly improving the fit and allowing her saddles to fit a wider range of horses. It is like a custom fitted saddle for each horse that you ride!

"We usually ride between six to 12 new horses every month and I have not found one yet that this saddle did not fit. When it comes to truly fitting and allowing each horse to move without resistance, this is the one. Believe me, if it was not the best fitting saddle available I would not ride it!" states Marlene

Standard Features:

· Four to six pounds lighter

· Resists forward/backward slip through improved fit

· Form fits to each horse, every time you saddle.

· Less concussion to horse and rider · Less restriction as horse moves and performs

· Less stress and improved performance

The Special Effx Saddle System is the hottest thing to hit the horse world since the invention of dirt!
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